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I note with regret that David Griffiths has closed his sites, as of the end of 2001. I salute Mr. Griffiths for having created true classics and contributed valued and worthwhile work.

In his own words, 
"...thank you to all the people who have done so many things with the little program I wrote one Saturday afternoon so so long ago, and also to say that I will be closing sometime before Christmas in order to work on larger Java projects. Sadly this means that the original lake applet will no longer be developed. It will of course still be available in the many online archives, and will no doubt live on in the many clones that it spawned but sadly I shall no longer add another byte code to it."



In all of David's Read Me pages he states the following,


...upon choosing this product. Not only will it improve your health, and enhance your general spirituality, it will also clean the bath, cook you breakfast, take care of the children, end armed conflict and invigorate the look of your web page.


Paying for the Applet

"There is NOTHING to pay. The applet is completely free. However, if you make a donation ($5 - $10?) to Ty Hafan, Children's Hospice of Wales, which is a charitable appeal formed to build, equip and run a Children's Hospice in Wales to provide care for terminally ill children, you can consider your applet well-and-truly registered. Click here for details on how to make a donation. They now have an excellent new Online donation page. In just a few minutes you can change a few old, crinkly, dirty little bank notes into a nice warm glow... "

Unfortunately, the links on the read me pages are now dead links.  Therefore in keeping with the original intention I have furnished you with an updated link to the hospice here.

Ty Logo

I also liked the fact the Mr. Griffiths never said any one using his applets HAD TO place his logo on the page.  He made a kind and gentle request to do so.  I have included his logo on these pages out of respect to him.  I truly admire his work and the way he has freely given it to all of us.  I am sure his name will appear again on some new project.  In a few years these applets may become dinosaurs, until then I will continue to use and enjoy his applets.  I hope you and your families can get some enjoyment out of these applets too!

Another Great Site For Lake And Other Applet Info Is "Uncle Gus" There are tutorials on the use of the applets, plus a good selection of Pictures and Art Work utilizing the Lake Applet.  Please help support this site by submitting any outstanding pictures that you find using the Lake Applet for the "Uncle Gus Best Dressed Lake Award."  This web site has more than Lake Applets.  Pages and pages of helpful information on many subjects.  Check It Out

Uncle Gus Web Site

The example for the overlay was created by Rosie Hardman.  At Rosie's site there are helpful tutorials for using the Lake Applet.  Please give her site a visit or go to the mirror site for graphics at: They have some of the most unique backgrounds and graphics I have ever seen.  Check It Out!

The CgmImage Applet This applet lets you manipulate a cgm image within itself.  I haven't found a picture converter to make these cgm files.  If any one is familiar with this format please let me know if you can convert gif, jpg, bmp to the cgm format
The Cue Cards Applet This applet can be set up many ways for advertising or fun.  One web site I visited made a few math and spelling games for his grandchildren.
The Fire Applet Name: Fire Version 1.1 Author: David Griffiths This applet takes an image and turns it into a firestorm.  Last compiled: 20 December 1999 at 19:50 Created with Sun JDK 1.1 This adds fire effect to almost any picture.  Check it out but it does burn memory.  Consider that when choosing the picture.
The Flag Applet This gives a flag waving effect to any picture.  Different background pictures can also be added.
The Gallery Applet Name: Gallery Version 1.0  Author: David Griffiths This applets creates fades between images.  Created with Sun JDK 1.1 This is like a slide show for pictures.  Impress your girl friend by using her picture.  Just make sure your other girl friend doesn't see the web site.
The HawkRay Applet You need to find the right picture for this one.  When you do you will know it.  I have found the pictures from Space Imaging work well.
The Lake Doodle Applet Name: LakePanel Version 3.0 Author: David Griffiths LakePanel is an applet class which takes in sub-components and reflects them in a virtual LakePanel. Last compiled: 01 September 1998 
Created with Sun JDK 1.1 If your an artist you will love this one.  Another great one for kids.
Lake class Version 2 I am referring to this on as Version 2, I could be wrong.  I found this package at a Russian site.  I also know of one American site that is still distributing this one also.  From what I have read about this applet this is either version 2 or 3.0.  I do know that it is an outdated version and I only keep it here for old times sake.  The name is Lake class.  Notice the capital "L" that is used on this one.  It carries a file size of 5K.  I have included English translation for all the Russian pages in the downloadable zip file. I used an internet based translation site so if translation is incorrect please email.
lake class Version 3 I believe this one is really version 3.1 using David's read me files.  This one is available from most sites with valid links.  It works well and carries a file size of 7K and was compiled on September 11, 1998.  The author also went to all lower case with this version.  So if you have a file named Lake.class it is an earlier version.  This one is clearly marked lake.class and will only work by leaving the name alone.  Name: lake Version 3.0 Author: David Griffiths is an applet class which takes in an image and reflects it in a virtual lake.
Last compiled: 11 September 1998 at 07:20 Created with Sun JDK 1.1 He never changed the version number internally on the applet to the best of my knowledge, however I do believe it is version 3.1  Underwater and rocking effects were added to this version.
lake class Version 4 Name: lake Version 4.0 Author: David Griffiths is an applet class which takes in an image and reflects it in a virtual lake.  Last compiled: 10th October 1999 at 13:17:27  Created with Sun JDK 1.1 It appears this is the last of the line from David.  This is not as widely distributed as version three.  He added new features including a speed control for the rippling effect and a horizon option so you can reflect within just part of a picture.  This is available for download here along with all help files on how to use it. This carries a file size of 10K and does appear to me to be the best working and loading lake effect applet.
The Miser Applet I think this is an applet that caches web pages before you go there. For faster loading.  Not completely sure, I have not been able to locate a complete set of instructions on its use.
The Outline Applet Name: Outline Tree Control Author: David Griffiths Created with Sun JDK 1.1  I haven't done to much with this one so far.  Looks like a convenient way to set up a windows style site map but don't quote me.
The Panorama Applet This is another one that has great potential with the right picture.
The Plasma Applet I am not sure this one ever got out of the beta process.  I wish I would have had this program back in the 1960's.
The Poolmenu Applet Name: PoolMenu Version 1.0 Author: David Griffiths This is an interactive applet class which takes an image and covers it in virtual water. Created with Sun JDK 1.1 This makes a picture appear to be underwater when you drag your mouse over it.  Some neat effects.
The Popmenu Applet A nice little applet for making site menus on smaller sites. Easy to set up and use.
The QuizShow Applet Add quiz's to your web site.  You can design your own.  General purpose quiz included to get you going.
The Ripple Applet Ripple v 1.0 for Java Copyright (c) David Griffiths, 1996. All rights reserved.  Have fun making your pictures ride the waves.
The Snow Applet Name: snow Version 1.0 Author: David Griffiths Created with Sun JDK 1.1  Many people have come out with snow effect applets.  This one has larger flakes then I have seen in the others.  So again depending on the picture this might be the one to use.

Depending on the availability I might add a David Griffiths Screen Saver section.  For now I hope you find what your looking for.  If you have any additional information on any of these applets or David Griffiths please contact me.