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What Little I Know About The Lake Class Files Used For The Effects You See In The Pictures On Web Site.

There appears to be three different Lake. class files floating around the internet.  Two claim to be version 3 but one has been clearly reworked by an abortionist.  The third is version 4.  All give credit to the original author.  His name is David Griffiths.  The last two internet addresses for David that I am aware of are:

One link is dead, the other leads to the Index of Davidg and is empty.

I found this statement at:

David Griffiths
The Lake Applet & The Snow Applet
We note with regret that David Griffith has closed his sites, as of the end of 2001.  We salute Mr. Griffith for having created true classics and contributed valued and worthwhile work.

In his own words, 

"...thank you to all the people who have done so many things with the little program I wrote one Saturday afternoon so so long ago, and also to say that I will be closing sometime before Christmas in order to work on larger Java projects. Sadly this means that the original lake applet will no longer be developed. It will of course still be available in the many online archives, and will no doubt live on in the many clones that it spawned but sadly I shall no longer add another bytecode to it."



I did come across the following web site:

This web site appears to have the most accurate information  on the David Griffiths Lake Class applet.  They provided me with a complete zip file that has excellent instructions.  Also there are many links listed in the included read me file.  Many of the links are dead but there are some still working and provide even more information and pictures using the lake class applet. You can download the complete zip here:

You can see the differences between Version 3 & 4 Here

You can also view the complete read me insert here

This file I have came across is being distributed by

Under the heading of wavy lake.  This appears to be a bastardized version of the lake class applet.  I have written to them explaining the problem but they have ignored my emails and continue to supply this bastardized version to the unaware public.  All of David Griffiths applets were made using Sun  JDK 1.1 (to the best of my knowledge)  the bastardized version has clearly been reworked using Microsoft Visual J and is not even the same size as the original.  At first I thought it was an honest mistake on their part.  However after I have pointed out these problems they still continue to distributed that file.  It is spelled Lake class with a capital L and is a 5k file size.  Their file claims to be version 3 but clearly is not the same as the orginal version 3 listed above.   It does not work as well as the original  lake class applet version 3.  I would be cautious before using their file.

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Updated 6/11/02