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Antimony's Heading

Picture Gallery

Some Pictures I Have Put Together With David Griffiths Applets.  The key issue on making your applets look their best is to find the right picture for the applet you are using.  Not all pictures work well with all applets.  Sometimes it is best to crop the picture to a smaller size.  Play around with your picture editor to get the best effects.

All Pictures Using The Lake Effect On This Site Are Made With lake.class Version #4 


Mars As Seen From Hubble  Lake Effect
W T C Site After 9/11 Lake Effect
Winter Mountain Scene Using Snow Effect
Antimony Riding The Waves  Ripple Effect
Space Shuttle Launch  Lake Effect
A Few Examples Using  Flag Applet Effect
Hawk Flying Over W T C Before 9/11
Owl Landing  Lake Effect
Burning Some Of My Favorite People
Picture Of The Moon  Lake Applet
Picture Of The 2000 Republican Convention
Presidential Cabinet Using Gallery Applet
Antimony Using The Cue Card Applet
Partial Reflection Using Overlay Lake Effect
Pillars Of Creation From Hubble Using Pool Menu
Antimony's Site Map Using Outline Applet