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Antimony's Heading

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David Griffiths Applets

These are all the DG Applets I have been able to find complete sets of.  There are two exceptions, the Miser Applet and The Lake Version 2.  I do not have complete instructions for the miser and I believe the Lake Version 2 was completed before David set up his Spigots Web Site (now closed).  Most of links that are included in each applet's read me page are dead however there are a few on each page that are working and worth checking out.  I wanted to leave these pages in the same format as they were designed.  For more information on the applets and what little I know about David Griffiths please click on his logo from any Antimony provided page.  The logo link will not work on any of the read me pages because they link to a non existent web site.  Enjoy and have fun.  You can completely check out each applet and if you like it then go to the download page and take one home.  It appears that the snow applet (maybe others) does not work very well from the tripod server where they are located.  This is not the applets fault.  The applets work fine on my home, work and other servers where they have been place.  Not sure why they appear slow on tripod's server but when I have more time I will contact tripod tech support and see if they have an answer.